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Unlucky Azkals celebs

azkals celebs
While the Republicans and the Democrats in US politics are still far apart on their efforts to avert a catastrophic debt default, our country saw the abrupt end of glamour for our Phil-Am players of Azkals when they lost to Kuwait Al-Azraq on second leg for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, 2-1 (5-1 on aggregate) on Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Lots of Filipinos cheered for the team, mostly admiring their good looks from the start of the qualifier series. It started when they beat Vietnam (2-0) in the Suzuki Cup a year ago.  Then ABS-CBN, a local  TV hype machine, made these group of half-Filipino (or maybe not half at all) and half-other nationalities (that are not from Third World) sudden celebrities and product endorsers.  Then came the game that showed how the Azkals lacked the real determination to win the game for our country. From the start of the game, you can always see how our players moved lazily compared to the amazing speed and agility of Kuwait players. Their defense lacked the strong points, and just like the players were afraid to crash their sweet faces against the professional Kuwaitis.  Even a million of prayers for miracle couldn’t save the team as plainly we saw that Kuwaitis are the more skillfull booters.

Some said that Azkals became fame and famous because of their good non-Pinoy looks. I said they will even became more famous because after the game, their managers will have more franchise for showbiz projects. And let’s start looking for real Filipino football players who really work to become part of our national football team not because they got good caucasian looks, but because they pawned everything they got to train hard and give us the real game to give pride for our country, instead of celebrity players who are groomed just to become models we see in billboards.

Im neither a hater nor a fan of Azkals. But i dont like hype, sensational regard over things that are not really meant for us.

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2 thoughts on “Unlucky Azkals celebs

  1. i also dont like them. i heard news about a lady (a showbiz personality) who was ganged up by 4 of the members of Azkals. Their loss will put their feet back on the ground. And it’s really time for us Pinoys to stop looking at them as our idols. They dont even know how hard our life is. They’re just spoiled brats who came back to our country just to earn from their good looks. and our media made this possible for them.

    i would rather wait to see real PInoys doing good in any other field of games.

    Posted by joshua | July 30, 2011, 12:07 am

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