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Falling for Colbie

colbie caillatMy girl has been listening for weeks now to this  Colbie Caillat’s second album, Breakthrough, and time I am with my girl, it can’t be avoided that I will also have the chance to be listening to the same music.  And the album is really one of a kind.  I’ve known Colbie from her award-winning song “Bubbly”  and that was a big hit to the entire pop world. This time, Colbie sounds more like a warm and trusted friend in all the songs in the album. And i guess that’s one of the reasons why gals would love to have this album on their iPod or mobile phones.

And the effect is also true even to doods like me. And my favorite songs from this album are Fallin’ For You  and It Stops Today while my girl’s top picks are Never Let You Go, I Wont and Lucky.  These tracks are very relaxing and romantic at the same time. So these titles ultimately found their way to my own iPod. xD

About the album:  “all the songs are definitely about the roller coaster of being in a relationship–happy, sad, breaking up, falling in love, just the whole cycle of it,” she says.  She added, “Because I know a Coldplay song like `Fix You,’ when I’m having a bad day, I can put it on and just pour my heart out–and then five minutes later, I’m ready for a smile again. So I want to have the perfect mixture of having those kinds of songs that you can cry to when you’ve had a horrible day, and these upbeat, fun songs you can listen to at the beach or when you’re driving.”

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