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afterwordsMost people might don’t agree with me but “I Don’t Need Anymore Friends” is the best track for this 7th album of Collective Soul, Afterwords. It’s a rare song, performed not by the band’s lead vocal (Ed Roland) but by the lead guitarist Joel Kosche. And it works for me hearing a different kind of sound and voice making it more like a pop-rock hitting romantic.  Other track worth fighting for is “Bearing Witness”  which is totally amazing up to being too hypnotic ballad that could sweep you into a kind of dreaming state. Actually, it’s the kind of imagined state whenever i hear to this band’s greatest songs in all their albums. So dig all of their album, including this one and pick lots of their hit songs like Needs, Dandy Life and Run. Dig them, especially their album Collective Soul and Dosage released in 1995 and 1999, respectively. So if you havent listen to any of theses albums, dig them coz this is a the best Christian band playing like the coolest rock band that i knew. Yeah, dig them!

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