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i feel apart…

30secondstomarsThis Is War album is addictive. It has the depth and intensity of the bad common to all its previous albums. Well, honestly I only have two of their albums. The first one I’ve got is the “A Beautiful Lie” where my favorite is song “The Story”. In this third album released from 30 Seconds to Mars, I fell in love in the beautiful serenade and shirking angst all throughout the song “Alibi“. And as the song said, “I fell apart but i got back up again” I can only croons to say it’s the beautiful song for people who just want to shout out to the world the mixed feelings of frustration, suffering, hope, optimism, dreams, love and fulfillment. Yeah, this Band is truly blessed with talent and grace.

About skyfish

A baka dood named who got the habits of sharing animes from his HDD and loves creating network of friends and foes alike, now enjoying his own blog of random stuff in his mind.


2 thoughts on “i feel apart…

  1. I didn’t know u listen to their song too…..NAKAMA!!!!!!!!

    But sadly i have not been catching up with their latest song so i don’t really know much.But their older one are my fav

    Posted by Czeslaw Sinclaire | September 7, 2011, 1:10 am
  2. this is truly a great band.

    Posted by joshua | September 7, 2011, 10:51 pm

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