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When all looks bright

all saints dayToday is a legal holiday in the Philippines, called All Saint’s Day, but most Filipinos got the habit that it’s the perfect time to visit their loved ones in solemn place where all souls are said to be resting prior to entering the eternity of greatness beside the Lord’s presence. And this is the first time I failed to vist the grave of my dead brother coz I’m still preparing for my bar exams that will kick off this coming November 6.

Just to give in to the request of my friend Aigoo to write something. I thought of something that relates to what happened to dead people. But it’s not about ghosts, purgatory or lost souls. Why not relate this holiday to what living people needs to think?

Life looks rosy to many people.  Their work is fulfilling.  The house or apartment doesn’t need repair.  Their bank account shows a surplus.  Family members are enjoying good health. Friends are loyal.

Good times, however, can be dangerous.  The comforts and pleasures of this world can become so important that we give God little or no place in our thoughts. Prosperity can quickly lead to complacency. Even the acts of visiting our loved one’s graveyard is like a rhetoric habit, where people never even cared what’s really the reason for coming back to that place when we all know that souls of our loved ones will not be in the cemetery to linger after their death?  Sometimes, it’s what people just doing for a long time coz we don’t know the real value of why we are here. Most of the time we forget the value of living.

God knew this would happen to His people when they entered the Promised Land.  So He warned them not to forget the source of their blessings [Deuteronomy 6:12].  He instructed them:

  •  Fear the Lord [Deut. 13]
  • Serve Him {Deut. 13]
  • Do not go after other gods. {Deut. v14]
  • Do not tempt the Lord [Deut. 16]
  • Keep the commandments [Deut. 17]
  • Do what is right and good [Deut. 18]

Historians tell us that religious fervor usually declines during prosperous times.  But if we will learn from Israel’s experience and heed the Lord’s instructions, this need not happen to us.

Let’s be careful that we do not forget the Lord – especially when all looks bright! And All Saint’s Day is the best day to remember.

About skyfish

A baka dood named who got the habits of sharing animes from his HDD and loves creating network of friends and foes alike, now enjoying his own blog of random stuff in his mind.


One thought on “When all looks bright

  1. Atlast!~ Thanks for the aweome blogpost (again) Kuya Sky!~ All of your post that is related to God is really good. I’m not that devoted yet but I’m reading books about God slowly. And becs of those books.. I realized lot of things. Your blogpost (related to god) is giving me some info about it and I’m loving it. Looking forward for your next blog entry about god or random stuffs. :)

    BTW, thanks for pointing meh name!! I’m honored!! nyahaha xD

    Posted by Aigoo | November 2, 2011, 1:55 am

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