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Reflecting on personal mastery

I just attended a seminar on personal mastery. This module on personal mastery brings meaning to my belief that I gave my life to become the person I am right now but made me rethink if was it worth it? The personal evaluation processes on the module described me as having a score of 59 … Continue reading

Up Ahead, School Again!

While many of us are caught in the vacation trance, some parents are a step ahead and are already scouring the store shelves for bargains for the coming school year. The enormity of school shopping can be overwhelming so it pays to prepare early. Below are tips to make shopping for the school year less … Continue reading

Teens’ Jobs

School is out and summer is still in. Now is a good time to educate our teens about financial management. A practical way for them to learn is to get involved in summer jobs and similar money-making activities. A summer job can offer the following advantages: • Earn extra money – A summer job can … Continue reading

Paying the Summer Bills

Summer is nearing its end and I’m now facing another great task of paying few bills which peak up unusually only after each summer…and here are some other lessons common to us all living in this kind of tropical country. With the scorching heat of the sun, it is easy to rack up huge electric … Continue reading

Wonder Warren

Let’s talk about the wisdom of Mr. Warren Buffet. Warren Buffett, primary shareholder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is the world’s third richest man as of 2011 with an estimated net worth of approximately US$45 billion. He is regarded as the world’s greatest investor, having amassed significant wealth through his value investing philosophy. He … Continue reading

Kids’ Summer

The election polls just opened at 7 this morning but I’m not talking about it nor how rotten the politics in our country. I grew up in a country where this activity never flourished into something fruitful exercise of democracy and voice of the people. The corruption has gotten worse…all looking forward after this day … Continue reading

Prayer for Our Mother

It’s Sunday, the whole world is celebrating Mother’s Day…Here’s a short prayer that we could offer for our own mothers or wives or sisters and friends who are also mothers. Let us not forget to greet them on this special day. Let them feel how important they are in our life while they are still … Continue reading

Creative pampering of the hearts

Glad that my boss allowed me to take a day-off today. And after a sweet date with my girl the entire day, I have now the time to update my blog before hitting the bed. Valentine’s Day – it’s that time of the year again when people go to great lengths, not to mention busted … Continue reading

2013 Ash Wednesday Prayer

Geez, been out of my head to post in my blog. So this will be my first post for 2013 and good that I will be starting with a prayer xD. It’s Lent once again, a period of fasting, moderation and self denial…our way of reflecting on the greatest sacrifice experienced by the Great One … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Year 2012 is nearly over. A big year for me really, both in good and bad things that happened. Hurdled the Bar exams, got my second new car, nearly become a groom xD and got some promotions at work. Had learn how to be patient when taking care of my mom who was hit by … Continue reading


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